You are very welcome to express your fellings with people from all over the world, we have a canvas palm tree for you and  our job is  inspire people to write little stories or notes  and we together create a exhibition with our stories.  we are very thankful with people who participate and support us.

For your support

We already done other successfully art   projects, we have experience working with community. This concept promote empathy,  inclusion and curiosity, it is the most  visionary project that we ever created but is the more expensive so 

 in this  first stage of creation we need  your support.

We are making prototypes, designs,  marketing,

molds, architectural models and layouts,  

portafolios, material test etc...

We are in different kind of crowdfounding platforms, they are designed to support independent creators.

please scroll down and check out  which one is best for you.

If you only want to participate sharing  your story please

contact us

First of all, it will be a powerful experience.

People from all over the world come and see how their stories inspire others to change their lifes, and learn how to find their own motivation

In this first stage, we create customized art based on the story you share with us and it will be displayed on our palms trees.

In the second stage, the palm trees  will be acquired by public and private organizations, they will be placed all over the world at business, parks, streets and shopping centres etc... 

* NOTE: Sculpture locations are put through special rules and the whole process will take time depending on objective of each project. You'll get a reference number in order for  you can track your art-story.

Patreon is a platform to support monthly and you can cancel anytime, you will find a lot of options from $3.00 to $500.00  They called Rewards to give sponsors more incentive to become patrons.


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