Born in Popayán, Colombia in 1979, based in Hollywood FL.

Self-taught artist, she has always been  passionate  about entrepreneurship, at  first she started  her career in marketing, and now with a parallel career in the fine art world as well.


Her interest about  tropical  music was cultivated during the  time she painted Arsenio Rodriguez's covers book, he is regarded as the  precursor to the salsa music.


Philo discovers the amazing story behind tropical music and started developing  Mi Color Latino.

I'm a vivid dreamer, and a world builder, honoring  my predecessors, my work is guided by our connection to ancestral strength of my latin roots, while adapting the practice to  address contemporary  art and music.


My quest is to promote empathy, entertaiment, curiosity, critical thought, conversation and inclusion, activating space to participate in shared passion of latin culture on local and global scales.